Simple to use

Smart blood pressure monitor

monitoring made easy

Our users love measuring their blood pressure. In fact, they do so 3 times more often that other blood pressure monitor owners.

Powerful Features

Irregular heart beat detection

Triple measurement

Photo slideshow

Result interpretation

Charts and graphs

GEO tracking

Easy data sharing

Email data to Doctor

Add notes


Friends notification

iOS, Android and Kindle Compatible

Product Details

Accurate and clinically validated

QardioArm wireless blood pressure monitor measures your systolic, diastolic blood pressure, heart rate and has irregular heartbeat detection. It is FDA approved and is clinically validated to meet both US and European Standards.

Portable and discreet

QardioArm’s elegant and compact design means you can always have it by your side, using it anytime, anywhere. In fact, its unique function PLACES allows you to geo-track your readings across location as well as time.

Useful features

Set goals and reminders, track irregularities or perform triple measurement averaging. The Qardio App is full of useful features, making blood pressure management quick and easy – the way it should be.

Simple to set up

QardioArm portable blood pressure monitor works wirelessly with the free Qardio App, which enhances its functionality with useful and unique features. Simply touch your smart phone or tablet to your QardioArm for a one step setup. It’s that easy.


View your results against the World Health Organization chart for an easy-to-understand interpretation and follow your trends with simple graphs and charts. Qardio App empowers you on your way towards better health.

enhanced accuracy

The photo sideshow feature helps you relax during your measurements aiding higher result accuracy and turning blood pressure time into an enjoyable moment. Choose from your own photo library or use our calming image gallery.

Easy to use

All of your readings are stored automatically in Qardio’s secure, HIPAA compliant cloud. You can view your trends, charts and averages right on your screen for actionable health management at your fingertips.

Integrated technology

Qardio App is integrated with Apple Health and supports Apple WatchOS 3, at checking an your health or the health of your loved ones is as easy as checking the time. QardioArm also works with S Health, on your Android devices.

Multiple users and data sharing

QardioArm bluetooth blood pressure monitor can be paired with up to eight smart phones or tablets at any given time. Share your data automatically with friends and family using the in-app function or send your results to your doctor via email.

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The first step to a happier,

healthier you.

and body analyzer

QardioBase is the first and only scale that lets you reach your goals stress-free. It measures not only your weight, but also BMI and full body composition including muscle mass, fat %, bone and water composition.

Powerful Features

Minimalist elegance

QardioBase body composition scale is sleek enough to blend into any room, beautiful enough to be the center of attention and accurate on any surface.

Easy to use

QardioBase is simple to set up and uses Bluetooth and Wifi technology to sync your data with your Qardio App automatically.

Smart feedback

QardioBase offers this unique feedback mode, using smileys, rather than numbers to track your progress towards your individual goal.

Weight and more

QardioBase smart scale measures your weight, BMI (body mass index), and full body composition (body fat %, muscle, water and bone mass).

Pregnancy mode

QardioBase has a dedicated mode formoms-to-be, allowing them to track weeklyprogress and add pictures to their numbers.

Haptic feedback

With haptic feedback, a gentle vibration lets you know your measurement has been taken, suitable for those with visual impairment.

Made for sharing

QardioBase body fat scale is designed for the whole family to enjoy, cleverly recognizing multiple users of the same household automatically.

Qardio connected ecosystem

QardioBase connects with the free Qardio App available on iOS, Kindle and Android devices including Apple Watch.

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The future of ECG

Medical grade monitor

Wearable ECG/EKG
unlike any other

QardioCore is the world’s first ECG monitor designed to provide continuous medical grade data while fitting your lifestyle. QardioCore is particularly suited for people with increased health risk caused by family predisposition, history of heartattacks or strokes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and excess weight.

Powerful Features

Continuous wireless ECG

Heart rate

Respiratory rate

Skin temperature

Heart rate variability

Activity tracking

Product Details

Revolutionary sensor technology

QardioCore’s ground-breaking sensor technology delivers clinically accurate heart activity monitoring anytime, anywhere. Fitting seamlessly into the modern lifestyle, it addresses the need for smarter health management tools available to both the patients and their doctors.

360 Heart health analysis

In addition to continuously recording ECG data, QardioCore also monitors heart rate and heart rate variability, skin temperature, respiratory rate and activity tracking – giving doctors a greater insight into their patients’ overall heart health and behavior.

Clinically validated

QardioCore wireless ECG monitor has been clinically validated to accurately record and analyze user’s overall heart performance in real time so doctors and healthcare providers can access medically accurate live data remotely.

Made for everyone

QardioCore wireless bluetooth ECG monitor is splash and rain-resistant, perfect for everyday use. It’s the perfect companion for those interested in a convenient way to look after their heart or improving their training performance without compromising their comfort and lifestyle.

Award-winning design

QardioCore is cleverly designed and tested to provide comfort and convenience for everyday use. It is the winner of CES 2015 Innovation Award in two categories as well as the recipient of the prestigious 2015 Red Dot Award for Product Design.

Powerful data sharing

QardioCore offers a modern way to track patients’ heart health, giving doctors and healthcare providers a powerful tool for better health monitoring and preventative care. With realtime data sharing and analysis, QardioCore offers a new way of chronic condition and sports performance management.

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