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A healthy family is the basis of a happy life. Nothing brings as much joy as good health of one’s family.

B.Well Swiss sincerely shares people’s desire to care for their loved ones. For this purpose B.Well Swiss has developed a wide range of medical devices meeting the needs of every member of the family. Helpless babies, active yet careless teenagers, elderly parents – they all need care and attention.

Product was developed, verified and supervised by B.Well Swiss AG, Switzerland. Applied Swiss control system assures high quality, endurance and safety of all B.Well products.

Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

High accuracy and measurement evaluation.

Powerful Features

Intellect Classic Comfortable measurement, accurate result.

Blood pressure indication scale.

Anatomic cuff provides comfortable and accurate measurements.

Universal cuff for people with different constitutions.

The B.Well PRO-35 automatic blood pressure monitor is a reliable measurement device. The PRO-35 provides accurate measurements and the immediate evaluation of results.  Its blood pressure indication scale shows a range of pressure – normal, borderline, dangerous.

The PRO-35 automatic blood pressure monitor is comfortable and easy-to-use. Enhanced memory of up to 30 measurements records an electronic pressure journal for 2 weeks. Pulse Arrhythmia Detection also identifies pulse irregularities at an early stage.

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Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor 

Intelligent measurement.

Powerful Features

Intellect Active - Fast and gentle measurement.

LCD screen color backlight warns of high blood pressure level.

Cuff check indicator: the device shows if the cuff is properly applied.

60 memory for each of 2 users with date and time.

B.Well MED-55 automatic blood pressure monitor provides an advanced measurement accuracy. The MED-55 blood pressure monitor provides an advanced accuracy thanks to 3check technology. In 3check mode, the device automatically performs three consecutive measurements and analyzes the results using a special algorithm. 

The innovative Intellect Active technology will allow an accurate, quick and careful measurement. The MED-55 automatic blood pressure monitor performs measurement during air inflation and adjusts to each user determining the individual level of the cuff pumping.

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Compressor Nebuliser

Professional and fast treatment.

Powerful Features

Professional and fast treatment.

Nebulizer holder for convenient use.

Nose piece helps treat nasal colds .

The particle size ≈ 3.16 μm allows medication to penetrate deep into the desired lung area for quick recovery, and the nebulization speed 0.4 mL/min shortens the procedure’s duration.. 

The PRO-110 nebulizer is ideal for both children and adults. A reliable new generation compressor, compact design and low noise level make this device convenient for the whole family.

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Compact Compressor Nebuliser

Effective and convenient.

Powerful Features

Micro USB port for power supply: convenient and always at hand.

Two masks – comfortable for children and adults.

Quiet operation (≤45dB) and ultra compact size – easy to use, carry and store.

B.Well MED-120 compressor nebuliser ensures effective therapy in the lower respiratory tracts. Particle size (2,9 μm) and high respirable fraction (71%) allow medication to penetrate deep into the lungs for fast healing. 

Micro USB is easy and convenient for use in any daily environment Compressor nebuliser MED-120 conforms to European standard for nebulisers EN13544-1.

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Portable Oral Irrigator

A beautiful smile and fresh breath.

Powerful Features

Cordless. Equipped with modern Li-ion battery – possible to use for one month on one charge.

Three modes of operation for comfortable usage: Normal – effective hygiene Soft – for sensitive teeth Pulse – therapeutic gingival massage.

Optimal power of 620 kPa for effective hygiene.

The modern compact oral irrigator WI-911 is a professional medical device for at-home teeth and gum maintenance. It effectively cleans interdental space from food residue, and removes soft dental plaque that causes bacteria to spread.

WI-911 is an excellent way to prevent tooth decay and periodontal diseases. B.Well is an indispensable tool for daily hygiene, especially for patients with bridgework, implants, crowns or braces. The B.Well WI-911 is the best oral irrigator for the whole family.

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Nasal aspirator

Clean nose, easy breathing.

Powerful Features

Compressor creates ideal pressure for effective and gentle nasal cleaning.

Easy handling with only one button.

Soft silicone tips prevent any injuries of the baby’s soft skin.

Special design ensures easy accessory detachment and cleaning.

12 well-known children’s tunes will distract the baby while operating.

Transparent container to see procedure results.

The B.Well WC-150 nasal aspirator is a safe and efficient device suitable for infants. This device will clean a baby’s nose and clear its breathing passages in a few seconds. Running nose in infants is a big issue. Small children cannot blow their noses, and a blocked nose causes a lot of inconveniences and can result in serious complications. Nose cleaning is the main procedure for treating nasal running in infants.

The B.Well electric nasal aspirator makes the procedure fast and comfortable for babies. This device is more efficient than traditional bulb syringes and prevents infections in mothers. The WC-150 nasal aspirator is easy to take apart and wash. 12 well-known children’s tunes are stored on the memory, which will distract the baby while operating.

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Oral irrigator. Mini

For travelling and home use

Powerful Features

Foldable and compact, with a unique nozzle storage inside. Perfect solution for travel

High power of 720 kPa provides full teeth cleaning

360-degree nozzle rotation for complete cleaning

3 modes of operation for a comfortable usage

Soft touch coating is pleasant to hold in hand and it doesn’t slip

Micro USB for power supply, convenient and always available

B.Well PRO-913 mini oral irrigator is your best choice for daily oral care in your vacation or at home. B.Well PRO-913 irrigator features the pulse mode that has proven its effectiveness. B.Well PRO-913 makes it easy to select the proper operating mode. The device features three modes ranging from 207 to 720 kPa. The nozzle rotates 360 degrees to clean the hardest-to-reach places.

Foldable device with the original design: convenient to take away. It can easily fit into any bag, backpack or even in a pocket. Waterproof storage bag is part of the set of contents. Micro USB for easy charging in any daily environment can be used with adapter, power bank, notebook or PC. One full charge of the device is up to a month of use, 2 minutes a day. The mini irrigator is ideal for individual use.

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WI-912 Portable Oral irrigator

State–of-the-art dental and gum care

Powerful Features

Optimal power of 720 kPa for effective hygiene

360-degree nozzle rotation

5 nozzles for complete care

3 modes of operation for comfortable usage

Cradle for attachments

Non-contact charging station is a modern and easy way to charge the device

The modern compact oral irrigator WI-912 is a professional device for at-home teeth and gum maintenance. B.Well WI-912 Irrigator is your way to teeth and gum health from gentle massage to vigorous cleaning. With the combination of water pressure and pulsation B.Well WI-912 Irrigator removes harmful bacteria deep between teeth and below gumline where brushing won’t reach. High power 720 kPa for effective hygiene.

Contains 5 nozzles for all your needs: 2 standard nozzles, tongue cleaner, orthodontic nozzle, periodontal nozzle. It effectively cleans interdental space from food residue, and removes soft dental plaque that causes bacteria to spread. B. Well WI-912 is an excellent way to prevent tooth decay and periodontal diseases. B. Well WI-912 is an indispensable tool for daily hygiene, especially for patients with bridgework, implants, crowns or braces.

Well WI-912 portable irrigator is as powerful as the best stationary models. The device is easy to operate and convenient for use either at home or on the road. It is compact and does not take up a lot of space in the bathroom or travel bag. B.Well WI-912 portable irrigator runs on a modern lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery with enough charge for a month of use. The wireless design is safe and convenient.

The device has 3 operating modes for healthy teeth and gums. 2 interchangeable nozzles with different colors are included, and the nozzle can be changed easily using a special button. Set for wall fixation for easy positioning in the bathroom. Device benefits: smart design, simple two-button control, easy to fill with water. The B.Well WI-912 is the best oral irrigator for the whole family.

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TH-168BT Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale

Extensive insight in your body composition

Powerful Features

Presice result: weights up to 180 kg with an accuracy of 100 g

App: The weighing result is transferred to the mobile application for intellectual analysis and to track the results.

Red LED display guarantees super-clear result regardless of the lighting in the room

Choose between different kinds of measurements: scale / body fat / body water muscle percentage / bone mass calories analysis / BMI

4 sensors technology for reliable calculation

Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale TH-168BT makes a BIA (Bio-electric Impedance Analysis). It allows to evaluate your body composition and gives a complete picture of its condition.

You can transmit the weighing results to your smartphone using Bluetooth. Special mobile application provides a full monitoring of the results.

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